SIG Activities at the Annual Conference

With the annual conference coming up in just a couple of months (less a few days), the Lone Writer SIG managers are starting to get some questions about SIG activities in Atlanta.

The short answer is: Details are still being worked out.

The long answer is that discussions just started yesterday on our listserv about options for the after-hours SIG get-together. If planning this year follows the same course as in previous years, date, time, and location usually gets settled a couple of weeks before the conference. When the details are available, we’ll post them here and send them out on Twitter.

With respect to the SIG “business” meeting, room reservation requests were sent in last week and conference organizers will let us know the date and time of our SIG’s meeting. (The SIG meetings have typically been early in the morning so as not to compete with the conference sessions.) Details will be posted here and on Twitter.

Stay tuned…

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