Free Teleclasses In The Upcoming Weeks

A long-time acquaintance of mine, Curt Rosengren, just wrote to tell me that he’s offering a couple of free one-hour teleclasses in the coming two weeks.

If you’ve not yet heard of Curt, or heard me talk about him, he’s a self-admitted Professional Malcontent turned Passion Catalyst, having pulled himself out of an unfulfilling corporate career and planted himself into a new life path that re-introduced passion, and near-euphoria, into his professional and personal lives. Through his Passion Catalyst coaching business, he’s helped countless others find their own ways out of malcontent. I discovered him through his original blog, Occupational Adventure, and have continued to follow him through his newest blog, the M.A.P. Maker. M.A.P. Maker is a self-required daily read for me, and I continue to trawl his Occupational Adventure archives and share the gems I find with friends and colleagues.

If you find yourself caught in a period of personal or professional frustration, suffocation, or desperation, time with Curt in one of his classes or in one-on-one sessions invariably helps people start reconnecting with their dreams and with themselves.

Whether you attend the teleclasses or not, I encourage you to also check out his books:

If you get the latter book, be careful about bringing it to work as co-workers will quickly develop the habit of helping themselves to your copy.


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