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About Lone Writers

Style and Grammar

General Publishing Style Guides

  • Connolly, William G., and Allan M. Siegal. The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage (1999: Times Books).
  • Chicago Manual of Style: The Essential Guide for Writers, Editors, and Publishers, 14th Edition (1993: University of Chicago Press). Particularly helpful if you'll be publishing internal procedures manuals or lengthy annual reports, the Chicago Manual provides hundreds of pages of useful information for book and journal publishing (but can be applied to any use).
  • Goldstein, Norm. The Associated Press Stylebook & Libel Manual (1999: The Associated Press).
  • Lippman, Thomas W. The Washington Post Deskbook on Style, 2nd Edition (1989: Mcgraw-Hill).

Computer Terminology Style Guides

  • Microsoft Corporation. The Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications (1995: Microsoft Press)
  • Schultz, Susan I., and Jennifer J. Darrow. The Digital Style Guide (1993: Digital Press).
  • Sun Technical Publications. Read Me First: A Style Guide for the Computer Industry (1996: Prentice Hall).

Web/Online Style Guides

  • Walker, Janice and Todd W. Taylor. Columbia Guide to Online Style (1998: Columbia University Press).
  • Yale University. Yale/AIM/Web Style Guide. Available from

Grammar and Usage Guides

  • American Heritage Book of English Usage: A Practical and Authoritative Guide to Contemporary English. (1996: Houghton Mifflin Company).
  • Alred, Gerald J., Charles T. Brusaw and Walter E. Oliu. Handbook of Technical Writing, 7th Edition (2003: St. Martin's Press, Inc.).
  • Brooks, Brian S. and James L. Pinson. Working With Words: A Concise Handbook for Media Writers & Editors (1993: St. Martin's Press, Inc).
  • Copperud, Roy. American Usage and Style: The Consensus.
  • Fowler, H. W. Dictionary of Modern English Usage, 2nd Edition (1965: Oxford University Press).
  • Fargis, Paul. The New York Public Library Desk Reference, 3rd Edition (1998: IDG Books Worldwide).
  • The New York Public Library Writer's Guide To Style And Usage.
  • Lederer, Richard, and Richard Dowis. Sleeping Dogs Don't Lay. (1999: St. Martin's Press).
  • O'Connor, Patricia T. Words Fail Me. (1999: Harcourt Brace & Company).
  • Strunk, William, Jr., and E. B. White. The Elements of Style, 3rd Edition. (1979: Macmillan).

Web Grammar Guides

Contributed by Karen Mardahl and Bonnie Yelverton.


  • List Punctuation Survey - One of our members collected information from various people, websites, and style guides to come up with a spreadsheet of the various ways of punctuating lists. Contributed by Tony Chu.


  • Translation Planning Checklist - The companion checklist to the article “Is Your Documentation Translation-Ready?” in the May 2001 issue of Intercom. This document contains a detailed (but by no means all-inclusive) listing of things to look for in your company’s documentation and processes prior to hiring a translation firm. For those with some experience in managing translation projects, feel free to email us with additional input.

Proposal Writing

  • Proposal Writing Today - Provides helpful information and resources for writing proposals. Contributed by Kristin Morrill.


Contracting Pros and Cons

Other Resources


Documentation Management

  • Technical Writers: Providing Inherent and Functional Expertise - An update to an earlier publication, this two-page document covers “What is a technical writer?” and the “Benefits of Technical Writing”, through to “A Project Without Technical Writers”. Contributed by David P. Herder.
  • Documentation Project Estimator - This is an Excel spreadsheet for estimating documentation projects, based on “Estimating Documentation Projects” by Makarand M. Pandit in the November 2001 issue of Intercom. Contributed by Diane Newbury.
  • Documentation Control System - This is a set of files for setting up a document control system. Contributed by George Mena.

Project Management


Quality Assurance

  • Test Plan (Word File, PDF File) - The Word version has fields that can be updated to suit your situation. Contributed by David Herder
  • Test Strategy (Word File, PDF File) - The Word version has fields that can be updated to suit your situation. Contributed by David Herder

Tools and Technology

General Reference

  • Bitmap Standards - Discusses the differences between the BMP, TIFF, GIF, and JPEG graphics file types. Contributed by Shari Gray
  • Character Codes - Need to know how to type a special character? It’s probably already included in the Windows character set. You could find it by navigating to the Character Map accessory, but this Quick Reference sheet makes it easy to find. It shows you the complete Times New Roman, Symbol, and Wingdings character sets. Print it out and keep it by your computer. When you find the desired character, you select the font, then hold down the Alt key and type the four-digit code. Contributed by Dan Wiltshire

File Extensions

Adobe FrameMaker

Microsoft Word

  • Microsoft Word MVP FAQs Website - If you are finding Microsoft Word a bit idiosyncratic for industrial-strength use, go to this site and bookmark it for future use. I've recommended it several times. They are bound to have a suggestion for your weird page numbering, peculiar margins, undisciplined headings, crazy bullet problems, and all the other things that make working with Word such an…experience! Contributed by David Farbey.
  • Microsoft Word Booklet Template - A DOC file that is made up of linked frames to create a 16 page document that can be printed and folded like a booklet without any special software. Contributed by Patrick Brunson.
  • Microsoft Word Autonumbering - Instructions for autonumbering in Word using SEQ and LISTNUM fields. Contributed by Andy Crawford.
  • TechTrax - Site with useful articles about Word and other Microsoft products. Many authors come from the site mentioned previously.
  • Shauna Kelly, MVP for Word - Useful site from a Word MVP. Especially handy for the novice Word user.
  • Word-PC - Well-known community of Word users providing help to beginners and experts alike. Contributed by Karen Mardahl.

Help Authoring Tools

  • HAT Matrix - Information on help authoring tools (HATs). Contributed by Ken Schatzke.
  • WritersUA - Information for user assistance (help) professionals. Contributed by Ken Schatzke.


  • DITA - A website maintained by OASIS (the standard body responsible for DITA) that contains general information on DITA. Contributed by Ken Schatzke.
  • DITA Open Toolkit - Information on the DITA open toolkit. Contributed by Ken Schatzke.

Web Design and Development

Fun and Creativity

Creativity Resources

  • Enchanted Mind
  • Creativity Web: Resources for Creativity and Innovation
  • Creative Quotations
  • Creativity: workbooks
  • Hiam, Alexander, The Manager’s Pocket Guide to Creativity (HRD Press, 1998, 180 pages, paperback).
  • Maguire, Jack, Care and Feeding of the Brain: A Guide to Your Gray Matter (Doubleday, 1990, 184 pages, paperback).
  • Sark, The Bodacious Book of Succulence: Daring to Live Your Succulent Wild Life! (Fireside, a division of Simon and Schuster, 1998, 182 pages, paperback).
  • Von Oech, Roger, A Whack on the Side of the Head: How You Can Be More Creative (Warner Books, Inc., 1990, 196 pages, paperback).
Contributed by Carolyn Brodersen

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