Main Email List

The main email list, lonewriter-discuss, is a great source of support and camaraderie for many STC Lone Writer SIG members. It is unmoderated and managed by the SIG Manager.

The SIG's #1 Resource

Our main email list is the primary way our SIG members communicate with each other, and is widely considered to be the most valuable resource in the Lone Writer SIG. It is a highly interactive, relaxed, professional community that lives by the motto that in the Lone Writer SIG, you'll never be alone again. The main email list is the replacement for not having like-minded, similarly skilled colleagues in the next cube over--giving you, instead, 400-plus colleagues who are just an e-mail away. Because of opt-in guidelines within the STC, joining the SIG does not automatically subscribe you to the main email list. Some SIG members want to be part of the main email list community, others do not; either way, it is entirely at your discretion.

Completing Administrative Tasks Through the Web Interface

The main email list's web interface is available at The web interface is easy to use and allows you to complete all administrative tasks. To use the web interface, you need to log in with your email address and the password sent to you when you first joined the list. If you have forgotten this password, enter your email address in the Email address field and click the Remind button. Mailman will then send a password reminder email to you.

Completing Administrative Tasks Through Email

You can also complete administrative tasks through email by sending an email to with the word "help" in the subject line or body. Mailman will reply with detailed instructions on how to complete administrative tasks through email. You will want to file this email somewhere for future reference.

What Email Address Do I Subscribe With?

Make sure you send the subscribe request from the email address at which you want to receive list e-mail. This does not have to be the same email address that you have on file with the STC office. Using the address on file with STC, or at least one that includes some variation of your name, can speed up the approval of your request over something obscure like Subscription requests typically get turned around within 24 hours (but please allow extra time on weekends).

Posting Messages

To post messages to the main mailing list, send the messages to When posting messages to the main mailing list, please follow these guidelines:
  1. No religion.
  2. No politics.
  3. Absolutely no personal attacks! Please also honor this for exchanges that have been taken off list.
  4. Off-topic posts are allowed, but please use OT in the subject line and use common sense when determining if it is appropriate. If you are not sure, it probably isn't.
  5. This is a discussion list, not a debate list.
  6. Job posts are allowed. Please use JOB in the subject line and include the location.
  7. Please refrain from editing other members' posts.
  8. It is not necessary to repost your message or apologize if you make a typo unless it really changes the meaning of the sentence.
  9. Remember, we're all human.

Reading Messages in Digest Mode

See Digest Tips for helpful information on reading email list messages in digest mode.

Reviewing the Archives

Archives are available at

Contacting the Main Email List's Owner

To contact the main email list's owner, send a message to