Off-Topic Email List

The off-topic email list, loners_OT, is a discussion group for all off-topic posts that members of the STC Lone Writers SIG want to share, but don't want to post to the main email list. This group is managed independently on the Yahoo! Groups service, which is free of charge but is supported by advertising. Currently, the email list is not very active (approximately 10 posts per month).

Completing Administrative Tasks Through the Web Interface

The off-topic email list's web interface is available at The web interface is easy to use and allows you to complete all administrative tasks. Please note that the list is run by volunteers (real people, not robots). Sending "listserv"-style commands by e-mail will not work.

Posting Messages

To post messages to the off-topic email list, send the messages to {encode="" title=""}.

Reading Messages in Digest Mode

See Digest Tips for helpful information on reading email list messages in digest mode.

Contacting the Off-Topic Email List's Owners

To contact the off-topic email list's owners, send a message to